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Advancing Process in Politics

We design the tools and spaces for your dialogue and collaboration needs

Image by Brady Bellini

Who are we?

The APROPOS Group is a non-profit, politically neutral think tank.


We operate in the field of democratic innovation and specialize in the development and implementation of process design methods for the political sphere. 

We are a collective of practitioners, researchers and policy thinkers, largely operating out of Berlin and Rome. We are process designers, facilitators, political dialogue conveners, and political analysts.

What we believe in

As a policy neutral think tank that focuses on the how of politics, we believe that the processes that regulate our democratic institutions need an upgrade.

We believe in the impact that process design can have on improving political communication and cooperation, because we’ve seen the results first hand.


Beyond partisanship and across policy sectors, we aspire to put our process design tools at the service of the political and non-profit sector, because a better way of working together is possible. 

Our Flagship Initiatives

A politically neutral platform for dialogue and collaboration among Europe's elected politicians, working to change the way policymakers across Europe talk with one another and work together.  

The Open European Dialogue has been bringing together politicians across countries and party lines since 2015. We provide a space for policymakers to connect and engage in meaningful political conversations and perspective sharing, providing a space for open dialogue across political and ideological borders.

We design and facilitate spaces for exchange which focus on improving the quality of the European political discourse and open up the possibility for a more collaborative political culture.

What They Say About Us

The APROPOS Open European Dialogue "has established itself as the first-ever, informal parliamentary network where true collaboration, learning, and peer-to-peer interaction can happen among policymakers coming from all European countries and parties of the entire political spectrum."

In 2021, the OECD's Observatory for Public Sector Innovation recognizes our methods as a best practice for cross-border collaboration.

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