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How We Work

Our democracy works when we work together.

We strive for better communication and collaboration in the political field and beyond.

Our work focuses on the research, development, deployment and dissemination of fit-for-purpose tools and approaches that are designed to deliver more impactful, collaborative and constructive political exchanges.


We aspire to engage a broad range of political and social actors within our cooperation and dialogue spaces.

We are well known for our political dialogues - notably, we coordinate the work of the Open European Dialogue, Europe's first dialogue platform for elected policymakers.


Our aim is to create the conditions for better political dialogue in Europe and beyond.


We provide our process design, facilitation and training services to the political sector and beyond.


We do this to assist our partners in achieving greater impact  through process design tools.

Our goal is to disseminate our methodology and help build the capacity of the political sector to drive forward constructive political conversations and meaningful collaboration.


We are building a R&D Hub for Political Dialogue and Process Design.

We want to create a community of researchers and practitioners that work together to research and develop new methods for innovating political decision making processes.


Our aim is to advance our understanding of the application of process design and political dialogue tools and to enable a community of political innovators to collaboratively research and experiment with new policymaking approaches and tools.

Our Products  

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Political Dialogues

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The Policy Design Sprint

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Research & Development

We convene, design and facilitate  political dialogues as well as coordinate the recruitment of political and civil society voices from across the political spectrum. From parliamentary exchanges to citizen roundtables, we ensure all stakeholders find value added in our exchanges.  

A one of a kind collaboration process designed for policymakers and thinkers to brainstorm policy ideas and create policy prototypes in under six weeks.

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We contribute to the collective understanding of the how of politics. We research and test new political communication and collaboration methods. We are committed to   uncovering new ways in which our democratic infrastructures can be upgraded, and what role political process design can play.

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Process Design & Facilitation

We design and facilitate exchanges that allow our partners to achieve the most impact out of their strategic dialogue and collaboration processes. From team retreats, to conferences and trainings, our multi-lingual team facilitates collaboration across Europe. 

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Capacity Building 

We train individuals, teams and institutions in the application of process design and political dialogue tools to develop effective in-house communication and collaboration expertise. 

Our Portfolio

Browse a selection of our work and different projects we collaborate on.

About Our Methods

OECD Best-Practice for Cross-Border Innovation

We were recognised by the OECD's Observatory for Public Sector Innovation in 2021 as a global best-practice for cross-border innovation and collaboration, in the context of their initiative 'Achieving Cross-Border Government 
Read our case study here

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