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Publications Mentioning Our Work

Policy literature and other media publications which mention our work.

The Handbook features a chapter on the Open European Dialogue, APROPOS' political dialogue network, and its process and dialogue design methods as an example of activating collective intelligence among policymakers.

This OECD report features a case study of the Open European Dialogue, which is recognised as a global best-practice for cross-border innovation and collaboration by the OECD's Observatory for Public Sector Innovation.

This book brings together an international and influential collection of future shapers to present new creative solutions to today's global challenges. The Open European Dialogue is mentioned in the chapter "Leadership and the Future of Democratic Societies".

In this background paper published by the Bertelsmann Stiftung, the Open European Dialogue is examined as a case study of how to build lasting relationships of trust among politicians with different political views.

In this thought piece, Sir Geoff Mulgan, UCL mentions the Open European Dialogue as a rare example of political leadership training for elected politicians.

AufRuhr magazine interviews parliamentary members of the Open European Dialogue (then Mercator European Dialogue) exploring how they made use of the political dialogue infrastructure provided by the network to assist them in their parliamentary work during the Covid-19 pandemic.

This policy paper by the Progressive Zentrum, mentions the Open European Dialogue as an interparliamentary cooperation best-practice, advocating that the informal networking nature of the Open European Dialogue could be integrated into official Interparliamentary Conferences (IPCs) procedure.

In this thought piece, Alliance Magazine publishes the reflections of Open European Dialogue team members on the need for more open dialogue spaces in the political and philanthropic sectors.

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