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Get To Know Us

We are a team of dedicated professionals with decades worth of practical experience in facilitating political conversations. We've been working closely with politicians from across Europe for the better half of a decade and are avid political and policy observers.


We are driven by the wish to nurture better political dialogue and cooperation processes in the interest of democracy and human collaboration.


Our team of designers is spread out across Europe and operates in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish and Dutch.


Chiara Rosselli

Co-Founder & Executive Director

Leading efforts to innovate the way we think of political dialogue spaces and collaboration tools in the think tank space and beyond since 2015. Head of the Open European Dialogue.

+39 3481127403 

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Isotta Ricci Bitti

Co-Founder and Managing Director

Creator of new spaces for dialogue and collaboration across political ideologies and borders. Co-lead of strategic planning processes at the APROPOS Group and since 2018, Deputy Head of the Open European Dialogue.

+49 176 38740747

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Rebecca Farulli


Knowledge management for policymaking and political innovation. Researching how we build ecosystems for collective action; prototyping and testing political network management and collaboration tools. Process designer and facilitator, as well as Project Manager for the Open European Dialogue. Curiously looking into the world of convergent research. 


Ronith Schalast


Strategic engagement and political monitoring. Driven by socially inclusive change and collaborative processes.  Facilitator in political youth education, enjoys creating spaces for critical reflection.

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Marie-Thérèse Schreiber

Program and Grants Coordinator

Supporting the Directors as Program and Grants Coordinator of APROPOS and the Open European Dialogue. Interested in the resilience and transformation of social and political systems. Currently diving into the world of Design Thinking for innovation at the HPI School of Design Thinking.

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Peter Woodward

Co-Founder, Lead Process Designer &  Advisory Board Member

Facilitating conversations for hundreds of clients on every continent and covering interventions on a huge range of subjects, Peter has wide experience of helping to bridge differing perspectives on challenging issues. Lead Process Designer of the Open European Dialogue.


Mia Forbes Pirie

Co-Founder and Advisory Board Member

An international facilitator, mediator and coach, Mia has worked with governments, religious organisations and Members of Parliament. She has advised the US Department of Energy on using facilitated negotiation to develop controversial legislation. She was awarded the recognition of Independent Mediator of the Year in the UK.  


Caspar Kolster

Co-Founder and Advisory Board Member

Trained as a process designer and facilitator, he served as APROPOS' inaugural Director. He has worked with clients from the private and public sectors, as well as NGOs. He now serves as a diplomat in the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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