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Photo: Prachi Metawala for ©UCLG-CGLU

Strategy Workshops: Design and Facilitation of Strategic Reflection Spaces

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Process Designers and Facilitators

At APROPOS our mission is to empower communities and organizations aiming for societal change through our unique 'Political Process Design' approach.

This method ensures efficient, strategic, and impactful dialogue, collaboration, and innovation - particularly tailored for the non-profit sector.

Our Expertise

Strategic Workshops: We design, create, and facilitate strategy and problem-solving sessions for teams, projects and organizations - such as the International Organization for Migration, United Cities and Local Government, and the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit GmbH - GIZ.

Innovation Processes: Utilizing tools like the 'Design Sprint' we facilitate intensive ideation and accelerated prototyping with high-level political and societal stakeholders.

Future-Oriented Thinking: Employing scenario planning and foresight methodologies for the non-profit and political sectors, we create spaces where organizations can better refine their future vision and identify strategic steps to reach their future.

Our bespoke methods are rooted in a multi-disciplinary approach which draws from adaptive leadership, design thinking, cognitive and behavioral sciences, and political and policy analysis - to foster improved communication, collaboration, and strategic thinking for the political sector and beyond.

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