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Policy Brief│Dialogue Methods: how we designed an honest exchange between politicians and citizens

Adriano Rodari, Fellow, APROPOS Group

Within the context of the FACTS project, the Open European Dialogue Team designed a dialogue between citizens and politicians to look into the way we frame and understand different narratives that exist around the political project that is the European Union.

The project aimed to identify the existing rumors, narratives, and fake news about the European Union that are present among mobilized and non-mobilized citizens. Do these elements hinder the development of a Pan-European sense of citizenship? And is the EU’s championing narrative of peace and prosperity still present among European citizens? The Open European Dialogue (OED) used its experience in crafting events for members of its network of over 150+ parliamentarians to design an inclusive dialogue between citizens and a select group of policymakers. The Parliamentary-citizen dialogue held in Barcelona on 20 and 21 May 2022, was the last activity part of the project. It served to connect the narratives, feelings and attitudes that emerged from the first round of the focus groups in each country and allow new information to emerge from the interaction between citizens of different nationalities.

Adriano Rodari, Project Manager at the OED and APROPOS fellow reports on the dialogue methods and their impact on the overall outcome of the FACTS research project in the Policy Brief: "FACTS Methodology: A Dialogue Designed to Understand Citizens".

Facts Methodology: A Dialogue Designed to Understand Citizens
Download • 1.12MB

The project is co-funded by the Europe for Citizens Programme of the European Union. Grant decision No. 615563 and acronym FACTS


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