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Podcast | Meet The Influectuals: Political Process Design

Chiara Rosselli, Executive Director, APROPOS

Our Co-Founder and Executive Director, Chiara Rosselli is interviewed by John Schwartz and Sonia Jalfin for their latest episode of 'Meet the Influectuals".

Why does collaboration seem to be lacking in so many policy processes these days? How can we translate these dialogue instances into constructive decision-making processes? And how can process design methods help?

About the podcast

Welcome to Meet the Influectuals! They're influential. They're intellectuals. Yes, you got it: they are the influectuals. Sonia Jalfin and John Schwartz are on a quest to find out the best ways to communicate knowledge, ideas, and evidence. In each episode, they will meet a leading influectual who can help them on this mission. This podcast is produced by Soapbox and Sociopúblico, two design and communications agencies working at the intersection of research and social progress. You can learn more about us at and

>> Listen to the episode here.


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