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Policy Brief | Moscow: Neither Friend, Nor Enemy

Rebecca Farulli, Associate, APROPOS Group

In the context of the Springer study "Transatlantic Perspectives Under Obama and Trump", Rebecca Farulli, APROPOS Associate, analyses the changing and ambivalent Russia policy under the Trump administration and reflects on the impact on foreign policy of political polarization, political narratives and the redefining of institutional norms and rules of conduct of policymaking. Rebecca's chapter "Moscow: Neither Friend, Nor Enemy" is a starting point to remind ourselves why dialogue is an essential democratic infrastructure and a lifeline to navigate rapid political change, blockades, and the complexity of multilateralism. The chapter explores the idea of trust-building and forging genuine connections while confronting the reality of different and conflicting worldviews and an evolving political landscape. Especially in polarized political spaces, the notion and value of dialogue can be a gateway to a different political culture, offering the space to learn and rethink how we engage with the political other and lay the foundations for more meaningful and insightful policymaking.

About the study

The monograph "Transatlantic Perspectives Under Obama and Trump" is edited by Sascha Arnautović, Aylin Matlé, and Jakob Wiedekind and recently published by Springer Verlag. It is a collective comparative study that examines recent US foreign and security policy under the specific lens of continuity and change. The individual chapters, as well as the whole book, in German, are available for purchase in both digital and print versions here.


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