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Policy Brief | The Elusive Root Cause of Political Discontent

Chiara Rosselli, Executive Director, APROPOS Group

There is a richness of competing theories today which attempt to explain the palpable political and societal discontent we have all grown accustomed to dissecting as political analysts.

One reason to suspect that today’s political and societal grievances may be the early symptom of a more profound systemic failure is the very existence of multiple competing and equally credible theories that try to explain the political paradigm shifts of our time.

While these theories help shed light and provide valuable insights on individual elements of the crisis we seem to be in, the competing validity of each of these theories may well be hinting at the fact that we may be unwittingly ignoring the existence of a broader, underlying, and unifying problem.

A root cause.

Access the full policy brief below.

Please note, this piece is an extract of the Policy Paper Avoiding System Failure: How Process Design Can Help Fix Politics.

The Elusive Hunt For A Root Cause_why the existence of competing explanations for politica
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