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Update | APROPOS X Routledge Handbook of Collective Intelligence for Democracy and Governance


"None of this century's hardest problems will be solved by a single stroke of genius - rather we can only make progress by inventing new and better forms of collaboration. This book gives an essential guide to our emerging field."

- Prof. Thomas Malone, Founder, MIT Centre for Collective Intelligence We are very proud to share that APROPOS' work coordinating the Open European Dialogue political network has been selected as a best-practice case study for the Routledge Handbook of Collective Intelligence for Democracy and Governance. In our dedicated chapter, Chiara Rosselli, Co-Founder and Executive Director, APROPOS Group, and Verena Ringler, Director, AGORA European Green Deal, ideators and developers of the political dialogue methods employed by the Open European Dialogue, share the story behind the establishment of Europe's first informal dialogue network for elected politicians. The chapter "Unlocking the collaborative potential of national parliaments: The Open European Dialogue" explores key principles of the process design and dialogue design methods that underpin the network's success as well as a practical list of dos and don'ts.

About the Routledge Handbook of Collective Intelligence for Democracy and Governance

The Handbook explores the concepts, methodologies, and implications of collective intelligence for democratic governance, in the first comprehensive survey of this field.

Illustrated by a collection of inspiring case studies and edited by Stephen Boucher, Carina Antonia Hallin and Lex Paulson, three pioneers in collective intelligence, this handbook serves as a unique primer on the science of collective intelligence applied to public challenges and will inspire public actors, academics, students, and activists across the world to apply collective intelligence in policymaking and administration to explore its potential, both to foster policy innovations and reinvent democracy.

The Routledge Handbook of Collective Intelligence for Democracy and Governance is essentiall reading and an authoritative reference for scholars, students, researchers and practitioners of public policy, public administration, governance, public management, information technology and systems, innovation and democracy as well as more broadly for political science, psychology, management studies, public organizations and individual policy practitioners, public authorities, civil society activists and service providers. In its first six months, the Handbook has been downloaded in full over 4,500 times, with over 82,000 individual chapter downloads. The Handbook is available in open source, as well as for purchase in hardback here.

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