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Update | APROPOS X Smarter Together: Creating Safe Policy Dialogue Spaces


In the context of the promotion for The Routledge Handbook of Collective Intelligence for Democracy and Governance, featuring the Open European Dialogue as a best-practice case study, Chiara Rosselli, Executive Director of the APROPOS Group was invited to co-host the Smarter Together webinar "How to create safe policy dialogue spaces to overcome political divides and polarisation". "Creating a safe space for generative dialogue between hostile parties is a highly delicate matter. It is however essential to enable an ecosystem of stakeholders to grapple with complex cross-cutting issues that require various types of expertise. Safe space follow specific principles and require specific methods and techniques that require careful design.

European political integration, to be successful and to maintain its legitimacy through crises, has to rely on institutions but also on informal processes."

For more information on the webinar and the methods and experts featured in the Routledge Handbook, please visit


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