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Update | APROPOS X Think Tank Toolbox


In the context of the Think Tank Toolbox Launch event, Rebecca Farulli, APROPOS Associate, was invited to share her expertise in the session "Dialogue and Convening as Tools for Networking and Collaboration". The session introduced the thinking behind the piece "We Need To Talk: Why Think Tanks Need to Rethink Dialogue and Convening", the APROPOS contribution to the Think Tank Toolbox, as well as touching upon APROPOS' Political Process Design methods and the "3 Ps Framework" developed by APROPOS to guide political dialogue conveners to design constructive and effective political conversation spaces. About the Think Tank Toolbox

As a think tanker, you need to wear many hats to meet the diverse demands of the sector and make a valuable contribution with your work. We believe that – with the right tools – think tankers can have greater impact. Therefore, the Think Tank Lab has created this Toolbox where we are sharing insights from think tank research, good practices, tips, and new methods for think tank work. Our goal is to ensure that the insights, experiences, and good practices developed by think tanks and think tankers across Germany and beyond are accessible to all.  

This Toolbox is a learning resource for think tankers aiming to enhance their skills and learn about the latest developments in think-tanking practice, think tank managers looking to provide their staff with useful resources, and for think tank personnel from departments such as communications or HR. It consists of articles, guides, templates, and other resources developed for practical use. 

The Toolbox was developed in collaboration with think tank researchers and communication professionals from various organizations. Besides an introduction to think tanks and think tank work in Germany and beyond, the content of the Toolbox is clustered in key topics below. Those are based on the competency framework that the Think Tank Lab developed specifically for think tankers and which is consistently updated based on feedback from our community.


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