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Podcast | KaleidHERscope: Redesigning Processes Can Help Fix Politics

Chiara Rosselli, Executive Director, APROPOS

Chiara Rosselli, Co-founder & Executive Director of the APROPOS Group and a speaker at the Cyprus Forum speaks to the Cyprus-based kaleidHERscope about how redesigning or tweaking processes can help fix politics, whether at the political party level or non-profit organization level.

As a process designer and a political dialogue curator since 2015, she talks about being a firm believer that a better way for the political sector to communicate and collaborate is possible, despite big challenges, and how we can make use of conferences more effectively.

The podcast is available here.

About KaleidHERscope

KaleidHERscope is a podcast with women from around the globe, talking openly and authentically about a kaleidoscope of topics, including politics, gender-based violence, peacebuilding, migration and theatre, hosted by peace and women’s rights activist Magda Zenon, it is an Island Talks production.


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